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I am so happy you joined me here. I’m a multi-passionate woman.

See my love of life in my painting, sketching, sewing, writing, and crocheting!

My mission is to inspire people to grow, celebrate life, and follow their hearts.

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Live your Dreams

Did you dream of this life? Are you where you always wanted to be? Maybe you are perfectly content with your life. If you are, then that is fantastic. I can honestly say that I’m closer to that dream than I ever have been.

Achieve your Dream

You can do it, too! Everyone says… find your passion. Do what you love. Well, that is all just dandy, but what if you have no idea of what that is? Or maybe you just love too many things and can’t narrow it down.

Actually, I have lots of passions. I love so many things that I cannot narrow it down to one thing. So, I decided that is okay. Of course, I can be me and make this happen. Therefore, I’m not locked to one passion. I’m not locked to one plan. When you were a child, what did you do for fun? One was to remember what you loved. Were you someone who loved playing outside? Did you like reading books? Did you like drawing pictures?

If you would like a free download of this on PDF, then sign up for my mailing list. I may periodically send you updates, but you can decide anytime if you want to continue. I would love to be able to share my progress toward my dreams with you. I’m making it happen. This is how.

Eight Steps to Make your Dreams a Reality

Step One: Describe your Dream

  • First, think about the life you want to live. Think of it as though you have all the money you need to sustain this life. What would it look like? Where would you live? Who would be with you? What would you spend your time doing? Create your dream board.

Step Two: Identify your Interests and Talents

  • Next, think of what you love doing? Is it the job you have now? Great, let’s see how that can move you toward your goal? Is it the job you want to do? Is it something you like to do in your spare time? What would you do if you really had the chance to do exactly what you wanted? You are going to do this to reach your dream. The only way to know you will never reach your goal is to never try. You have to take action.

Step Three: Set your End goal

  • The next step is big!! If you really want your dream, you need to set a goal to reach that dream. When do you want it to be real? Set a time when you want this to be real. Be realistic. If you are flat broke and deeply in debt and you want to be a millionaire, you are going to have to go out long enough to make that happen.
  • Now you are going to work backwards from that time.
  • Let’s use an example of five years from now.
    • Now, what would you need to accomplish by four years from now to get to that goal?
    • What would you need to accomplish by three years from now?
    • What would you need to accomplish by two years from now?
    • What would you need to accomplish by one year from now?

Step four: Break it into smaller goals

  • Now that you have it down to one year, you need to break it down even further. What do you need to accomplish within 11 months, 10 months, 9 months, 8 months, 7 months, 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month? Break it down to weeks, next. What can you accomplish in 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week?

Step Five: Plan it for this Week

  • Now that you are down to a week, you can decide what you can accomplish by the end of this week. How can you accomplish this? How much do you need to do each day to make that real?

Step Six: Set the Time to Do it

  • Now you are talking about reality. Set aside some time on your calendar every day. If you have ten minutes, use that. If you have 2 hours, use that. Think of the time you are waiting… maybe in a line at the store, or at the doctor’s office. What can you do with that time that will help you reach your dream instead of just waiting? It may be just planning out your goals for the day or week. It may be an idea for a project you plan to do. Write it down. Keep an empty notebook or calendar in your wallet or purse, or even take notes on your cell phone.

Step Seven: Set Daily Goals – Do it!

  • This is probably the hardest thing of all for most people. NOW DO IT! Use that time you set aside and set up one goal to accomplish for that day. If you finish it and still have time, then set a second goal. Of course, if you don’t finish it in the time you have set aside, then continue it the next day. If you don’t finish it by then, maybe you need to break it down even further.

Step Eight: Re-evaluate

  • At the end of the week, re-evaluate your plans for the following week. Decide if you can do more… or less. Is this going in the direction you wanted? Then do this every week. At the end of three months, re-evaluate again and see if your longer-term goals are still a reality. You are in charge of your own destiny. Doing nothing will get you nowhere. Doing something and you will accomplish more. Even if your first ideas or projects don’t work then, think of what you have learned from that.

Remember, you can get a free download of this with steps to complete each item and the picture shown above. Just sign up for my mailing list. I promise I will never sell my mailing list. See my privacy policy for more information.

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